CNC Hot wire foam cutting machine

CNC Hot wire foam cutting machine

If you want to cut Decorative eps facade profiles, Styrofoam eps products , Eps wall panels, Styrofoam logo and letters and more product from Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam ; you should have a hotwire cnc foam cutting machine in your factory! STYROMAC as a leading eps styrofoam machines manufacturer in Europe since 2005. 2D and 3D Styrofoam processing machines are making about 12 years withoute any pause. When you check details about our styrofoam machines; you can understand better, how you should choose right machines for your factory.
Not ; If you starter Decorative eps shape products manufacturing sector, you should choose HFC 2000 Comfort hotwire cnc foam cutting machine; because because it has tools advantage from vertical types machines. Block load and unload; eps cutting wire setups and sametime block cutting capacity is more comfortable then foam cutting machines whic one has vertical cutting tools.


Hot wire cnc foam cutter hfc 2000 comfort

Hot wire CNC foam cutting machine HFC2000 is a our most famous eps cutting machine. It has very sample usign system and very flexsible machine. If you need economical cnc styrofoam cutting machines ; HFC 2000 Comfort is the perfect solution for you. HFC2000 provides cutting with hot wire without extensive training

HFC 2000 comfort

Horizontal tools - Economical and user friendly machine


Hot wire cnc foam cutter hfc 2000 vertical

HFC 2000 Comfort and HFC 2000 Vertical are same machines. Only Eps cutting tools positions are different. ( wire positions on tools ) HFC 2000 Vertical has vertical eps cutting tools. Both of the HFC Series cutting machines have same machine's bodys quality , styrofoam cutting quality, cutting speed, shortly everthinks are same, only eps cutting wires positions are different.

HFC 2000 vertical

Beginners machine with vertical tools


Hot wire cnc foam cutter robocut 2400

Robocut 2400 Series hot wire cnc foam cutting machines has self-metric system, so you always have excellent products when working in two-dimensional parts. You can switch flexibly between cutting directly or foam forming operations.

Robocut 2400

CNC eps cutter with metric system


Hot wire cnc foam cutter colossus 3000

Colossus Series 3000 Industrial Foam Cutting Machine, allows to work with the most economical operating characteristics and obtain a superior quality of parts in large format processing field.

Colossus 3000

Industrial foam cutting machine - 6 eps block cutting at the sametime


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