CNC foam cutters

Colossus 3000

Strong, giant CNC foam cutting machine

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    Colossus Series 3000 Foam Cutting Machine, allows to work with the most economical operating characteristics and obtain a superior quality of parts in large format processing field. Thanks to the unique additional wire concept, you can cut blocks up to 3 m in length. With this procedure, you guarantee the highest quality of parts. At the same time, you can take advantage of the flexibility and productivity features that the machine offers for standard formats.

    High Productivity with 40 Wire Capacity

    With simultaneous cutting with 40 wires, you can increase productivity up to 100%.

    At same time 6 blocks

    The 300x300 cm giant body allows you to cut 6 blocks of styrofoam at the same time.

    Maximum Sensitivity

    With the integrated measuring system in the arms, you achieve the highest contour accuracy.

    Superior Part Quality

    Thanks to the% 100 iron body, you get smooth edges and flicker-free selection results.

    Changable Hot Wire Concept

    You can choose a wire concept that is designed to your needs.

    Gigantic Working Area

    For large transactions, you use the entire working area and comprehensive automation technology.

    Best for multiple cutting

    Thanks to the multi-block option, you can process multiple plates completely automatically.

    Mac Wire 7.1

    MachWire 7.1 is a our last versione hotwire cnc foam cutting machines software. If you have a licence from Styromac companies, you can download last version free.

    Styromac DXF Converter

    Freedoom is a everthing. When you want to cut different and extreme models with your hotwire cnc foam cutting machines, you should have a autocad files at this time you need Styromac DXF Converter. It has speacial setup files and you can change easly all dxf files to tap. (Tap files is ready models for your hotwire cnc foam cutting machines.)

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