CNC foam cutter HFC 2000 comfort
CNC foam cutter HFC 2000 comfort
CNC foam cutters

HFC 2000 comfort

Economical and user-friendly machine

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    Versatile miraculous technology for beginners

    Hot wire CNC foam cutting machine (HFC 2000 comfort series) is the ideal machine for starting high quality 2-dimensional foam cutting bussiness. HFC 2000 CNC styrofoam cutter, provides cutting with hot wire without extensive training. By the same multi-wire cutting strategy, HFC 2000 cuts many EPS and XPS blocks in various thicknesses in a short time, saving and safely.

    Low investment and operating costs

    Hot wire CNC Foam Cutting Machine provides maximum profit and production efficiency with minimum cost.

    Economical and user-friendly machine

    Our machines that can be used by a single operator have a CNC control software specially designed for easy use even for beginners and can be controlled with only 5 buttons.

    High performance and reliable

    Reinforced body structure of mixed iron and aluminum provides you with vibration-free, efficient and reliable production.

    Material Diversity

    HFC 2000 CNC polystrene cutting machine provides quality and safe production in EPS exterior, XPS interior, columns, column headings, letters, logos and EPS packaging products.

    Low space requirements

    Due to the compact installation, the machine hardly takes up any space, and the operator can keep an eye on everything.

    Economic start for the foam cutting

    The HFC 2000 comfort is the most popular version of our hot wire cnc cutting machines. According to the countries, this product may be different and there may be differences in the information. You have the right to make changes to the technical, hardware and accessories options

    HFC 2000 comfort – entry to the world of foam cutting
    HFC 2000 comfort
    Length 2200 mm
    Width 2100 mm
    Height 1800 mm
    Weight 350 kg
    Color Electrostatic paint blue RAL5005
    Body type Iron body
    Color Electrostatic Paint Blue RAL5005
    Cutting Type Hot wire
    Tool Type Horizontal
    Wire Count 20 wires (Optional 40 wires)
    Voltage 220 V
    Power 5,5 KW
    Certification CE, SON (for Nigeria)

    Mac Wire 7.1

    MachWire 7.1 is a our last versione hotwire cnc foam cutting machines software. If you have a licence from Styromac companies, you can download last version free.

    Styromac DXF Converter

    Freedoom is a everthing. When you want to cut different and extreme models with your hotwire cnc foam cutting machines, you should have a autocad files at this time you need Styromac DXF Converter. It has speacial setup files and you can change easly all dxf files to tap. (Tap files is ready models for your hotwire cnc foam cutting machines.)


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