EPS arch cutters

EPS arch cutter

Arch and column cutter

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    Arch and column based exterior decorative shapes

    Our 2017 model EPS arch cutting machine, which is generally preferred by exterior produce manufacturers for cutting column bases and cutting arch windows frames, has speed control system and the using is easy.

    Round shaped eps cutting

    Cutting wires has the position of strained athwart on hot wire CNC foam cutting machine. So, the models which can’t be cut like column bases models are cut by EPS Arch Cutting Machine. You can form the model, with hot chord which the model’s form has been given on, by whirling around the foam under favour of platform on the machine.

    Foam cutting without CAM/CAD files

    Models which you want to cut by EPS Arch Cutting Machine don’t have to be CAM/CAD file like being on CNC hotwire foam cutter machine. You can form the chord under favour of pliers and copying blueprint with one-to-one measures of the model that you want to cut. This chord which formed is fixed on EPS Arch Cutter. Foam whirls around automatically and thus the form that wanted is gained.

    Easy use, speed controlled styrofoam modelling

    Eps Arch Cutting Machine has electronic control unit. You can cut the foam that in density you want between 15-30 density. And you can adjust easily its temperature and speed per the model.

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