Foam Coating Machines

AFC 6000

Powerful foam coater

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    Efficient Coating Machine

    AFC Series Machines provide high quality results by working with high productivity and efficiency. Fast operation and safe processes always manifest themselves. The versatile solutions and functions of the AFC Series 6000 provides exceptional results in continuous operation. Thanks to AFC series 6000 you get a smooth coating. AFC Series 6000 is the perfect machine for outstanding exterior coating.

    Perfect (Flawless) Technology

    Thanks to the reinforced iron body which does not require extra equipment, slip-resistant special design band, Linear slide supports and galvanized coated stain-proof mortar reservoir and Replaceable molds, HFC Series 6000 covers many materials in various thicknesses safely and smoothly.

    Excellent quality

    With the AFC series 6000, you get excellent clarity, coating results in micron accuracy.

    The best possible edges

    Thanks to the AFC 6000, you will have a glass-like edge in the exterior.

    Low part costs

    Even in complex shapes, it is a very dynamic machine.

    Sensitive coating on all products

    Thanks to its rich collection of molds, all sizes (Thick-thin, narrow-wide) can easily be cotaed.

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