Titanium cutting wire

High resistance eps/xps cutting wire

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    Titanium Eps/Xps Cutting Wire

    High performance Eps titanium cutting wire has copper coated. Eps and Xps foam cutting machines should use high performans wire. Titanium eps cutting wire has 2 different models

    - Copper coater titnaium eps cutting wire
    - Grey color (without copper coater) titanium eps cutting wire

    Available in stocks

    We have all time in our stock. 0,250 gr / 0,5 kg / 1 kg you can choose plastic box. Please when you choose wire, say to us; copper coated titanium cutting wires or without coated.

    High resistance, long life

    Titanium has high resistance and powerful matter. So titanium foam cutting wire has long life while being used with hot wire CNC foam cutting machine.

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