Eps coating machine

Foam coating machine

EPS Foam coating machine is very important machine as hot wire CNC foam cutting machine, for the companies, which produce decorative architectural foam shapes. The surface of the decorative models, which has sliced by EPS blocks, should be coated with foam coating machine, for protect the building surface from corrosive weather conditions (like rain, snow, hail, storm and temperature differences between day and night)

For example, you can’t gain first quality product if your foam coating machine or your mortar is wrong even if you use the best quality foam cutting machine of the world.

Therefore, all machines in your factory have important equally. It is very important for your company’s achieve that you to buy the machines which are compatible and can be integrated each other.

EPS Foam Coating Bussiness

If you want to create a business which is competitive and would have great growing percentage in construction industry market, you need to produce the final products with acceptable quality.

As is known, the product should be visibly qualified for settling into the good space in your target market. So the most important thing is the surface of your decorative foam shapes model should be completely smooth and clear. Also its corners should be explicit and straight. And the last there should not be any appeared bubble on the surface of products. You should care those conditions to increase the performance of your foam coating machine.

A company needs a well designed EPS foam coating machine for achieving this qualified on every coating workshop. Besides a company also needs training for to formulating and assembling a foam coat which stands either elastic and stiff in a meantime. During the 7 days training that we will provide you detailed information about, usage of foam cutting machines, usage of foam coating machines, choosing the raw materials and all knowledges you may need in Professional manufacturing process, by specialist technician service and our training stuff. After the 7 days training, you will produce your first demo product with your own raw materials in company with our trained stuff.

Foam Coating Thickness

Now, you have general knowledge about foam coating so let’s tell you about a top level technical knowledge.

That how many millimeters mortar coated on to foam is as very important as quality of mortar on the foam while manufacturing decorative exterior profiles and other exterior products.

You can do coating as much as you want between 1 millimeter and 10 millimeters using our foam coating machine. (The commonest mortar thicknesses of exterior products which are preferred in good quality and economic product class around the world are 2 mm/3 mm and 4 mm.) It is not a correct approach the think that “product which has been coated thickly is always good quality.”

Foam Coating Economy

There are two points important about using foam coating machine. First, you should manufacture appropriate products for climatic conditions of your country. And second, you should manufacture with proper price in price range of your target market.

Consequently, you manufacture these products because you want to gain profit.

If you coat thick your products with foam coating machine so as to them to be in good quality and to take attention of customers, this causes manufacturing costs differentiation with your competitors. That affects your competition and selling potential.

This is very important: If your customers haven’t ordered special thickness such as 5-6 mm, you should coat generally 2 or 3 mm mortar also taking your competitors’ mortar thickness into account. 90 percent of manufacturers around the world do coating between 2 mm-4 mm thickness.

If you live in a snowy and cold region like Canada, Scandinavia, your mortar thickness on exterior products may be 4 mm/5 mm. Much more than these thickness are extreme and aren’t used without demanding specially.

Don’t forget; while you are doing foam coating application, every extra 1 mm thickness increases the cost of manufacturing.


Thickness of coating material is as much as space between model moulds and the surface of the foam produces which had been cut. For example, if the space between your model foam which had been cut and model mold which belongs this produce is 2 mm you should coat the surface of your produces with 2 mm mortar.

These blanks should be same for every produce for following costs and manufacturing in good quality produce always. So, it is very important the quality of foam coating machine you to buy. You should have a machine which has iron body, power and which never shiver, for manufacturing produce in good quality always and for preventing hidden manufacturing costs.

Decorative foam shapes and XPS interior models which are used in construction industry should be cut very sensitively by cnc eps cutting machine. If you cut such produces you shouldn’t certainly buy machines which has full aluminum body. (Shivering of foam cutting machines can’t be prevented because aluminum is a material softer than iron. Also, if you want do mass production and professional manufacturing you should buy machines which don’t have strap but have ball screw.). Do not forget; The quality of your EPS cutting machine directly affects the performance of your foam coating machine.

Styromac marked industrial foam cutting machines have been produced by using productive, strong chromium ball screw technology which doesn’t necessitate maintenance. (Strap system is not an application that we prefer very much, we use it privately if our customers want to cut logo and letter that don’t necessitate sensitivity and we use it for the very low costly projects.)

AFC 6000

Foam coating machine AFC 6000

EPS foam coating machine AFC 6000: EPS foam coating machine AFC 6000 is the second major foam machine in construction industry, which a company can use it for manufacturing of products that coated with special plaster mortar for using decoration and isolation of exterior insulation.

AFC 6000

Economic and user friendly machine


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